My bowmaking tool comes in two sizes, small and large. The length of the needle determines the size of the loops and the finished bow.

We are going to use our large bow making tool in this lesson, because it is easier to see in the photos. However, the technique is the same regardless of which size tool you are using. Begin by placing one end of a length of 7mm ribbon thru the needle on the tool.

Now, using your glue applicator, place a tiny dot of glue at the base of the ribbon.

Keeping the end of the ribbon on the top of the wooden handle, pull the ribbon up and use the length of the needle to measure.  You want to pull the ribbon to the full height of the needle.....
then push the needle thru the ribbon.
Push the ribbon down the needle and into the glue at the base of the needle.  You have now made your first loop.
Again put a dot of glue at the base of the needle, pull the ribbon up gently to the full length of the needle and pierce.  When pulling be very careful not to pull your previous loop out from the glue. Again slide this loop down the needle.  Make sure that this loop runs in the opposite direction of your first loop.
Here we have completed three loops.  Notice that they are all extending out in different directions from the center?

Continue in this manner, glue, measure, loop till you have a lovely fluffy bow.

Bow with 8 loops.. almost finished.
When it's time for your last loop, cut the ribbon off just beyond where you will push the needle thru, and turn under the end then push the needle thru to hide the end of the ribbon in the center of the bow.  Push end down into glue.
Find your first end of the ribbon and use it to pull the entire bow up and off the needle.  You can use tweezers also if desired. 

This illustration shows our completed bow glued into place on a miniature hat. NOte that two long ends of ribbon were glued into place first, and then the bow was glued on top.

You can use 4 or 7mm ribbon on the larger bow making tool. The smaller tool is best suited for 4mm ribbon only.