Here are the instructions to make a beautiful corset for my all porcelain ladie mannequin. You will need silk fabric, cotton laces, silk ribbons and baby flex braid to complete the project, as well as my female mannequin mold  (available in my shopping cart)



CLICK HERE to download Corset Pattern

CLicking above will open up adobe reader, and the document. Make sure that the page scaling is set at 0, then select print, and you will have your pattern. Check to make sure that the ruler printed on the pattern is to scale.

If you have a disappearing fabric marker, it is one of the easiest methods for cutting out tiny doll dress pieces.  Simply cut out the pattern piece, and place on the fabric, with the grain running properly, and trace around the outside of the pattern piece. 

The cut the fabric, cutting just inside the marker lines.  No pin holes, no shifting or scooting!  Easy!

Cut out front, back and two side pieces, making sure that you have a PAIR of side pieces.

Apply a tiny bead of glue around outer edge of corset back.
Position corset back on back side of mannequin as shown in photo.  Top edge of corset runs across even with cut off arms, and bottom point comes neatly to crotch. Press down top and bottom edges.
Then smooth the side edges into place, making sure that the fabric is laying flat against the mannequin with no wrinkles, lumps or bumps. 
Place a tiny bead of glue around corset side piece.  Place on mannequin as shown, slightly overlapping the edge of the corset back piece.  Press down smoothly.  Then bring the front edge of this piece around and press down onto porcelain, again making sure there are no wrinkles.


REPEAT for opposite side piece.

Place glue around outer edges of corset front.  Begin at one side, placing the side edge of corset front just over the front edge of corset side piece.  (Quite a mouthful, huh?)  Just follow the photo and glue down the sides first.
Then smooth the leg areas and top edges into place over the porcelain
Use the front pattern piece to cut a lace front from lace provided in your kit. Again you can trace the shape with disappearing marker, then cut out if desired.
Put a tiny bead of glue around all outer edges of the lace front.l Place the lace front piece directly over the fabric front, matching side, leg and upper edges.  Smooth into place.
Run a small bead of glue down side edges of corset front and apply a piece of baby flex braid as supplied in your kit.
Repeat for the back seams, again using only a small amount of glue and following the curves where the pieces were joined.
Cotton lace can be gathered quite easily.  There is a nylon thread in the header of the lace.  Using a sharp pair of tweezers, grab and pull this thread, and your lace will gather nicely.

Cut a piece of lace measuring  6" in length.  Place glue across one end of the lace.

Pull up the gathering thread in the unglued end drawing up till lace measures approximately 3" in length.  Keep gathers even across the lace.
Apply a tiny bead of glue around bottom edge of corset, beginning at center back, around leg to center front.  Begin placing the gathered lace into the glue, placing just the header portion of the lace into the glue bead.  Press lace into glue firmly and adjust fullness as needed.  Apply glue to remaining bottom edge, from center front around remaining leg ending at center back, and continue positioning gathered lace.
Bottom edge of mannequin is beautiful with the lace gathered into place.
Cut a piece of lace measuring 5" in length, and gather in the same manner as you did for the previous step.  Draw up gathers till lace measures 2 1/2" in length.

Apply glue around top edge of mannequin, and apply gathered lace as shown in photo.  Lace starts and ends at center back and encircles the entire top edge of the corset.

Cut a piece of 7mm silk ribbon measuring 10" in length. Place a bead of glue across one end the ribbon.
On the unglued end, find a vertical thread and unravel for approx 1/8".  Cut off this thread.
Using sharp tweezers, grab two horizontal threads at the top of the ribbon.  Move down 1/16" and grab another two threads.  By holding these threads together and pulling gently, ruche the silk ribbon
Pull threads and gather ribbon till it measures approximately 3 1/2".  Adjust ruffles evenly across ribbon piece.
Apply a bead of glue to the top edge of the lace around the bottom of the corset as shown.
Apply gathered ribbon to corset as shown.  When applying the gathered ribbon, only the top gathered edges are placed into the bead of glue, ruffles are allowed to remain free and fluffy.  Begin and end gluing at center back of mannequin.

Cut a piece of 7mm ribbon measuring 10" in length.  Gather this piece of ribbon in the same manner as the last step.  Apply a thin bead of glue around top row of lace, applying glue to the header portion of the lace, and applying gathered portion of ribbon to the glue as in previous step.

With 7mm ribbon make two cute bows, cutting the ends off at an angle.

Apply bows to either side of corset at hip.

Cream ribbon has been included in your kit if you would prefer to make the bows in a contrasting color.

Push the brass rod up into the mannequin thru the small hole in the bottom of the mannequin. Insert the rod as far as it will go. Each of these has been trimmed to size to fit the mannequin exactly and give the correct height. Apply a bit of zap a gap around the hole in the porcelain to hold. Use zip kicker to accellerate the glue if available.
From the top, push the bottom of the rod thru the hole in the center of the mannequin base till the end of the rod hits your table top. Pick up carefully and and again glue into place using zap a gap around the porcelain hole.