This step by step tutorial will assist you in costuming Adrianna with her costume pattern number 101CP which is available for purchase on my website HERE.


Assembled Doll

Fabric and trims as Specified on Pattern

Tacky Glue

Needle, thread, scissors and other basic sewing tools



To make stockings, use black cotton stretch net.

Cut two pieces 2" x 3".

Apply glue around doll's ankle, just above the top of shoe.  Also apply a straight line of glue up center back of dolls leg, extending into the fabric wrapped portion of the leg.  Place one straight edge of net along glue line, and other snug against the top edge of shoe.
Pull netting around leg tightly, adjusting as necessary.  Bring around to center back.  Run a small bead of glue next to previously glued edge.  Pulling fabric snug, bring around and anchor into glue.  When glue is fairly dry, trim off excess fabric, butting edges of netting together to form center back seam.
Finished stocking.

Cut out pantaloons using pattern piece.  Fray check all edges.  Apply 1/2" black lace across bottom edge of each pantaloon piece.

Place glue on center front and center back seams of one pantaloon piece.  Place this piece and remaining piece right sides together, joining front and back seams. Dry glue with warm iron.
Right sides together, glue crotch edges.
Run two rows of gathering stitches across top edge of pantaloons.  Place pantaloons on doll and pull up gathering stitches tightly.  Knot gathering stitches and apply a small dot of glue to the knot.  Trim threads.
Cut slip piece and seal all edges with fray check.  Apply 1/2" wide lace to bottom edge of slip.  Right sides together, glue the center back seam of slip.  Dry glue with warm iron, turn slip to right side and press.

Sew two rows of gathering stitches across top edge of slip.

Place slip on doll just below natural waistline, and pull up gathering stitches tightly.  Tie off threads, glue knot, and trim ends.

Run a small bead of glue under seam allowance around waist, and press raw edges into glue to reduce bulk around waist.

Join two skirt back pieces right sides together along bottom and side edges, either by gluing, as shown, or sewing.

Turn skirt back to right sides, and press well.

Cut 3/4" black lace according to pattern instructions, and gather along top edge of lace.  Apply by gluing or sewing to skirt back, with bottom edges of lace and skirt back even at bottom.
Glue 1/8" velvet ribbon over top edge of lace.
Cut skirt front fabric and skirt front lace panel from pattern pieces.  Glue lace to fabric along side edges.  There will be excess lace in the center of the piece.
Gather top edge of lace, and draw up gathers to match the fabric panel underneath.  Glue top edges together.  Arrange folds on lace attractively down center front of panel, and lightly mist with hairspray to hold.
Glue one finished side edge of skirt back over one side edge of front panel.
Repeat for second side edge of skirt back. Skirt now forms a complete circle, with front panel in center.
Run 1/8" velvet ribbon down the side edges of front panel, where skirt back overlaps.

The skirt is finished for now, so set aside, and let's work on the bodice.