This step by step tutorial will assist you in costuming Chloe with her costume pattern number 103CP availabel for purchase HERE.


Assembled Doll

Fabric and trims as Specified on Pattern

Tacky Glue

Needle, thread, scissors and other basic sewing tools


The Chloe mold set contains two different sets of legs, one with molded shoes, which are intended to be china painted, and one with bare feet.  If you are using the legs with the molded shoes, you can skip ahead to the section on pantaloons and slip.  If you are using the bare feet, lets give that girl some shoes!!!!


Cut a piece of off white stretch fabric from a pair of knee high stockings.  Machine stitch 1/2" from each folded edge, and across to fold on each edge of fabric.

Trim excess fabric away cutting close to stitching.

Turn each tube to right side.
Place stockings on doll, with seams running straight up the back of each leg.  Anchor top of stockings to body with tacky glue.
Apply tacky glue to the sides and front edge of the foot.

Cut two shoe sides from pattern piece.  Wrap leather around foot, bring ends to the front, and pinching together at toe.  Taper the leather down near the front of the foot.

Trim excess leather from toe area and press ends together.  Trim excess leather off bottom, leaving 1/8" all around.  Cut tiny notches in this edge, clipping up to bottom of foot.
Fold down and glue under the notches to the bottom of the foot.  Press this as flat as possible to reduce bulk.
Place glue on the top and sides of the toe area.
Cut two toe pieces from leather using pattern piece.  Place toe piece over glued area.
Trim away excess around edges of toe piece, and clip in the same manner as you did for the sides.  Fold under and glue, again trying to keep this as flat as possible
Place your dolls foot on a piece of contrasting leather or ultrasuede, and trace around outside of foot using a disappearing fabric marker.  Cut out soles cutting inside the lines.  
Check piece against bottom of the foot, and make any adjustments necessary for a nice fit.  Glue sole into place.
If desired, cut thin strips for straps, and glue into place.  You can also use a jewelry finding for a buckle.
Finished shoes.

Note:  All edges of fabric should be treated with Fray Check before assembling!

When I started this tutorial, I had the strange notion that I wanted brown leather lace up boots on Chloe.  After completing her costume, I decided that the boots were just plain awful, and replaced them with the shoes shown above.  Unfortunately, all of the photos below were already taken and edited, so you will just have to bear with me and try and ignore those boots!!!!

Apply a thin line of tacky glue to the center front and center back edges of one pantaloon piece.  Place two pieces together, and dry glue by pressing with a warm iron.
Open out your pantaloons, and place a thin bead of glue on edges of inner legs. Bring edges of inner legs together, matching center front and back seams.  Dry glue with warm iron.
Turn pantaloons right sides out, and press.  Run two rows of tiny gathering stitches across waistline edge, leaving ends of threads 3" long.
Place pantaloons on doll, and pull up gathering threads tightly, and knot ends of thread.  Secure knot with a dot of glue.  Distribute gathers evenly around waist.

Using a fine tip glue applicator, run a thin bead of glue around the dolls waist, under the top selvages of the pantaloons, and press raw edges above gathering into the glue.  This eliminates bulk at the waist, and is also a back up in case those gathering threads ever give way!

Run a row of gathering stitches around the bottom of one pantaloon leg, stitching 1/8" above the raw bottom edge.  Turn the seam allowance under at stitching using a darning needle to poke the fabric in.  Pull gathering stitches up tight, so that the pantaloon leg gathers at the top of the porcelain leg.   Tie off gathering threads. Apply dot of glue to knot, and trim thread ends. 
Pantaloon legs gathered around doll legs, with raw edges turned inside.
Cut a piece of 1/4" wide lace measuring 3" in length.  run a row of gathering threads across top of lace.  I recommend using a double thread for this step.
Place the lace around the dolls leg, with the top edge of the lace just under the pantaloon leg.  Pull up gathers tightly, and tie off ends.  Glue knot in thread and trim ends.  Adjust lace gathers evenly around leg.
Run a tiny bead of glue just below the top edge of the lace, and then finger press lace down around leg.  The glue will hold the gathers in place, and help if the gathering threads ever break loose.

Finished pantaloons.

Cut slip fabric according to pattern piece.  Fray check all edges.

Apply 1/4" wide flat lace to bottom edge of fabric, using a thin line of tacky glue.  Dry with warm iron.

Place center back edges of slip right sides together, and glue. 
Run two rows of gathering threads across top edge of slip.  Place slip on doll, and draw up gathers tightly  Check the length of the slip.  The bottom of the lace should be the same length as the pantaloon lace. If skirt is too long, trim excess fabric from top edge and re-gather.  If correct,  tie off gathering threads and glue knot in the same manner as for pantaloons.  Note that the slip is rather high waisted, and gathers are placed  above the natural waist line.  Distribute fullness in slip evenly around the doll, and apply a thin bead of glue under the seam allowance at top of skirt, and press raw edges of fabric into the glue in the same manner as for pantaloons.
Grasp the bottom portion of the slip in your hand, allowing the gathers to fall naturally.  Spray slip with hairspray and hold until dry.  This will drape the slip into soft folds.
Finished slip.