This tutorial will assist you in costuming Dorothy using my costume pattern 102CP, (Available for purchase Here) as well as creating Dorothy's wig

Fabric and Trims as specified in pattern instructions

Tacky glue

Fray Check

General sewing tools, (needle, scissors, etc.)

Viscose for wigging

Testors Model enamel, color 1529, custom red rouge metallic

Ultrafine glitter by Stampendous, color Red GM 2512

Important note:  All edges of fabric should be treated with fray check after cutting out.  Batiste frays excessively.  It is nearly impossible to stitch tiny seams in this fabric without fray checking!  Save yourself lots of aggravation and frustration and use the fray check!

Dorothy has been painted and assembled on a covered wire armature. If you have not assembled your doll and need help, refer to my tutorial:

Assembling your Doll


Cut two pantaloon pieces and fray check all edges.  Glue lace across bottom edges of each piece.
Glue the pantaloon pieces right sides together at the center front and center back edges.  Press with warm iron to dry glue.
Right sides together, glue crotch.  Again dry with warm iron, turn to right side. 
Sew two rows of gathering stitches across top edge of pantaloons.
Place pantaloons on doll, slightly below the natural waistline.  Draw up gathering stitches tightly, and knot threads.  Place a dot of glue on knot to secure.  Distribute gathers evenly around waist.

Run a small bead of glue around waistline, under seam allowance.  Press seam allowance into glue.  This helps reduce the bulk, and serves as reinforcement if your gathering threads ever break.


Fray check all edges.  Ok, this is the last time I will include that in the instructions.  You have the idea by now, right???

Turn under one center back edge 1/8" and glue.  Turn under side seams 1/8" on bodice front and glue.

Run 2 rows of tiny gathering stitches around neckline


Place blouse on doll.  Glue unfinished center back edge down center back.  Glue finished center back edge in place, overlapping previous  edge.
Draw up gathering threads around neckline.  Knot threads.  Adjust fullness evenly around neckline.
Tie off gathering threads, and secure knot with a small dot of glue.  Trim ends.
Apply a tiny bead of glue around the neckline, under the seam allowances.  Press seam allowances firmly into the glue to reduce bulk around the neck.
Place folded front side edge over back side edge, and glue.
Sew tiny gathering stitches across top 1/2 of each armhole edge.  Pull up gathers, adjusting fullness evenly, and tie off and glue seam allowances as in previous steps.  Secure armhole edges with a small amount of glue.
Run gathering stitches around bottom edge of blouse, and pull up.  Adjust the folds in the front and back of blouse.  Tie off gathering threads, and glue bottom of blouse in place around waist.
Glue sleeve underarm seams right sides together, dry with iron, and turn to right side.  Sew gathering stitches across top edge of sleeve.
Slide the sleeve up over the dolls arm, having gathering stitches well up on the dolls shoulder, covering gathering stitches in blouse armhole.
Use a needle to push under the seam allowances on sleeve, and pull up gathering threads in sleeve.  Tie off gathering threads, and adjust fullness evenly across top of shoulder.  Apply a small bead of glue under gathered edge of sleeve and press firmly into place.
Sew gathering stitches across bottom edge of sleeve.  Pull up gathers, with the bottom edge of sleeve just above the elbow joint.  Tie off gathering thread, and again, apply glue under seam allowances and press down flat.
Tie off gathering thread, and again, apply glue under seam allowances and press down fl
The original blouse worn in the Wizard of oz had tiny ric rac trim at the neckline and sleeves. Only the bottom half of the ric rac extended out from the seam. Of course, we have to improvise, since no ric rac small enough for our mini dolls is available.  

Coat the header of a piece of eyelash trim with tacky glue on both sides, and allow to dry.  Be careful not to get glue into the loops of the trim.


Carefully trim away 1/2 of the header on the trim.  

You must now handle your trim very gently.  If you pull on it, it will completely fall apart, or at least ravel terribly!


Glue trimmed eyelash trim around base of neckline, with loops of trim pointing downward.
Fold under and glue each long edge of cuff piece as indicated on pattern piece.

Repeat for neckband piece.


Glue band into place around neckline covering the heading of the eyelash trim, so that just the loops extend from the bottom of the neckband.
Glue eyelash trim around sleeve, at the top edge of sleeve seam allowance.  Position so that loops of trim are pointing up toward sleeve.
Glue cuff into position, covering the heading of the eyelash trim, and placing ends of cuff on the underside of the arm.

Glue lace to the bottom edge of slip.  Right sides together, glue the center back seams.  Turn to right side and press.
Sew gathering stitches across top edge of the slip. 
Place on doll, position just below the natural waistline. Pull up gathering threads, knot and secure. Distribute fullness evenly around waistline edge.  Run a small bead of glue under seam allowance and press fabric into glue to reduce bulk.