These instructions will show you how to create your own fantasy flower fairy using iron on wing transfers and silk flowers.

Doll shown is Arial by Doreen Sinnett.  


Arial Fairy Doll, Painted, and Assembled

Wing Transfers                                          

Wing Fabric  (irridescent fabric, ribbon, china silk, etc.)

Florist wire, or fine gold wire

Scissors, Tacky Glue

Silk Flowers of your choice

Wire Cutters  (no, you can't use your good sewing scissors to cut the wire....)



1.  To make your wings, you will need the preprinted, iron on transfers, fabric of your choice, aluminum foil, folded double, and an iron.
2.  Cut out the desired wing shapes, leaving room around the outer edges of the wing design.


3. Place fabric wrong side down on double thickness aluminum foil.  Place wing transfer right side (printed side) down on fabric.  
4. Set your iron at the medium setting, NO steam.  Press iron firmly over transfer. Do not move iron, but press firmly and steadily for 7 seconds.  Lift iron straight up off of transfer.
5.  While transfer is still warm, gently peel the paper backing away from the fabric.  If at any point, the transfer sticks to the backing instead of the fabric, lay the paper backing down on fabric and re-press.  This is usually sufficient, but if it does not work, repeat, increasing the heat of your iron in slight increments until transfer sticks to fabric.  (Medium heat worked beautifully for me, but all irons vary slightly in temperature, so you may have to experiment.)
6.  Transfer successfully fused to fabric.

7.  The possibilities are endless.  This pair of wings was made using white china silk and black transfers.  The design was then colored using my son's felt tip markers, and accented with fine gold glitter.

8. These wings were also made on white china silk, and then painted with thinned acrylic paints and accented with fine glitter.  Do all painting coloring or glittering BEFORE cutting wings from fabric.

9.  When decorating is complete, cut out wings cutting just outside the outer outline of each wing section.
 10.  Glue fine florist wire or gold wire to the back side of each wing.  I chose to use fine gold wire because it blended better with the gold outlines on the wings, and was much finer than florist wire.  Shape wire first, then use tacky glue to attach.  Place between two layers of wax paper, and set under a book until dry.  
11.  Take a shopping trip to the craft store and look for silk flowers that you can use for your fairy's clothing. I found this wonderful bunch of Christmas hydrangeas that was just perfect.  In one bunch, I got shaded rose to pink velvet leaves, sheer pink organdy petals, and rose satin petals, as well as leaves, berries and other goodies.  Look for flower clusters that give you lots of texture and colors while keeping to a pleasant color scheme.
12.  All of these lovely different petals came from a single cluster of flowers!!!
13.  I covered Ariel's bottom with a petal, bringing the center edge of the petal up to the waist and gluing well at all edges. 

Petals were then used for the bodice back and bodice front.  Play with your petals and trim, reshape, gather or flatten as desired to form the shapes that you need to dress your doll.

14.  A layer of the velvet petals was placed around Ariel's waist, forming the skirt; then a layer of sheer petals edged with gold was placed over the velvet petals, forming a second layer.  Make sure that you overlap your petals, and always glue the center front petals last, so that their edges are on top.
15.  I used a 2" plastic flower pot for a stand for Ariel.  It was just the right height, lightweight, and something that I had on hand!!!
16.  I wrapped and glued some of the large green and gold leaves from my flower cluster over the flower pot, with the pot turned upside down to form a seat for Ariel.
17.  Wet and pleat a section of viscose in your large pleater.  Dry in a 150 degree oven for 30 minutes.
18.  Run glue from the forehead back to the nape of the neck.
19.  Place the center of one section of waved hair into the glue, with equal lengths of hair extending in front and back of doll.
20. Apply glue across the doll's head, from ear to ear.
21.  Apply second section of hair across head.  Allow hair to dry well.  

Flip front section back and with a large needle, blend this hair into the other sections.  Blend all hair evenly, but do not overwork, or you may end up with a bad case of the frizzies!  Trim ends as needed.  Bring small sections over the shoulders to the front if desired.

22.  Move the hair well out of the way, and glue the wings to the dolls shoulders.  I prefer to join the two sections of each wing together first, then glue each wing into place.


When dry, bring hair back down between the wings in the back.

23.  The fine wire allows you to shape and form your wings, giving them a sense of movement and life!!!



Mold By Doreen Sinnett

Doll by Cynthia Howe

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