Ok, so this is confession time.  I have to admit that I find researching and reading about hats and hat making almost as much fun, and as addictive as making hats. Below, you will find an extensive list of references, both printed and on-line, and shopping sources for your mini-millinery projects.


References Materials

From the Bookshelf

The following books are some of the favorites on my bookshelf.  I wish I could tell you where I got them all, but unfortunately, never kept track.  I have given you the isbn number where available, so that you can check with your local bookstore.  If I know of a source, I have given that too.  Also, the information given about each book is strictly my personal opinion of how each book was useful to me in developing my hat making techniques and patterns.

In developing my line of miniature hats, I found it necessary to develop each pattern I use, thru trial and error, making many samples, and refining the design as I went along.  While there were some miniature hat making books and patterns available on the market, I found that I was usually not satisfied with either the scale of the patterns given, the fit of the various pieces, or needed to adapt the pattern to work with the construction technique that I prefer to use.  That doesn't mean that the books available are not a good learning source.  They will help you become familiar with the different basic shapes needed to create a specific brim or crown shape, and also will give you lots of ideas regarding period of fashion, and different ways to trim your hats.  Books are grouped by general subject.


Books on Miniature Hat making

Mini Millinery, by Janna Joseph - copyright 1980

20 page paperback booklet, with introduction, construction techniques and 6 different hat patterns.  Also has resources for supplies, but since this book is well over 20 years old, I don't know how many of these sources are still current.


Victorian Mini Chapeaux, by Emanjay, (Marie Wheat)

37 pages, paperback.  This book contains patterns for 14 different hats from 1840 - 1890 in 1/12 scale.  Includes both fabric and straw hat techniques.  While this book does not provide extensive instruction, the basic shapes are there for a variety of different styles, and Ms. Wheat's patterns are well known for their authenticity.  Available from House of Caron.


Edwardian and Gibson Girl Mini Chapeaux, by Emanjay, 

(Marie Wheat )

40 pages, paperback.  By the same author as above.  Includes 14 patterns form 1890-1910.  Again, few instructions, but great resource for general shapes, and construction of historically accurate designs.  Available from House of Caron


Millinery Magic, by Barbara Hillier Smith 

32 pages, paperback.  This book includes instructions for both straw and fabric hats, and instructions for hat stands and hat boxes.  Ms Hillier uses a cloth mending tape in her construction which I found was difficult to locate, and harder yet to use, but the book does include 21 different hat patterns, and some interesting embellishment techniques.  Scale is a bit large for use on some 1/12" dolls, so make a sample hat when using these patterns.


Books on Hat making for Larger Dolls

Hat Making for Dolls 1855-1916, by Clare Blau - pub. Hobby House Press

32 pages, paperback.  18 hat patterns for creating mid-19th century to early-20th century hats.  All for larger dolls, but can be reduced.  Primarily bonnet styles. Most interesting is the reprinting of articles on hats from Harpers, Godey's , Delineator, and Doll's Dressmaking magazines from the late 1800's complete with wonderful illustrations.  Also, a reprint of a fascinating article "Employments for Women - No. 6, which gives high recommendation of millinery as a suitable profession for proper young women of the day!


How to Make Doll Hats 'n Bonnets - Scott Publications

12 pages, paperback, with pull out pattern section.  Again, mostly cloth bonnet patterns for larger dolls.  But there are 12 pages of old hat illustrations from the 1979-1880 editions of the German publication, Die Modenwelt that are just lovely, and provide enough inspiration to keep you going for months on end.


Books on Hat making Crafts

Hats in Miniature, by Lyn Waring - Sterling Publishing Co

128 pages, paperback.  Now before you all email me that I put this one in the wrong section, this book is not 1/12 scale Miniature.  The hats in this book are much larger than what we all refer to as miniature, but still not people size.  (head circ. 8-9".)  Loved this book, which gives many different construction techniques, patterns etc.  Most interesting was a two page layout of every brim used in the book overlaid on a grid, showing how just the slightest variation in a piece can dramatically change the finished design.  Beautifully printed, beautifully photographed, and someday, when I have time, I am going to do every hat in this book just for display!   ISBN 0-8069-4265-7


The Hat Book, Creating Hats for Every Occasion, by Juliet Bawden

144 pages, paperback.  This book demonstrates many creative techniques for embellishing or re-making "people hats" using a wide array of trimming and embellishment techniques.   Lots of beautiful color photographs, and great instruction.  Some incredibly creative ideas here, primarily modern, few Victorian era styles.  ISBN 0-937274-73-9


Historical Literature on Millinery

Love these two books!!!  Fascinating insight on not only hats of the miniature Victorian and Edwardian era, but the entire culture of the times! 

Millinery, A Complete Course, edited and reprinted by Viv's Ribbons & Laces

379 pages, paperback.  This fascinating book is a complete reprinting of the home study course in Millinery originally offered by the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences Department of Millinery in 1915.  More hat making information that you would ever need to know, and most of this does not really apply to miniature hats, but this is so fascinating none the less!  My favorite chapter is "Millinery Recipes, which contains the most incredible concoctions for cleaning feathers, velvet, beaver, straw, etc.  The complete course covers every conceivable hat making material, or application, and includes the final examination questions!!!  (Most of which I could still not answer even after reading the book several times.)  ISBN 0-9631893 


Edwardian Hats, The Art of Millinery, 1909, by mme. Anna Ben-Yusuf

256 pages, paperback.  Another fascinating home study course completely reproduced.  Again, much technical information that can't be applied to miniatures, but many wonderful line illustrations from the era.  Also includes notes and illustrations from Correct Dress:  Fall & Winter 1908-9.  Interesting chapters covering fabulously detailed embellishments, ribbon techniques, etc. 

ISBN 0-914046-15-2


Books on Ribbon Techniques

The Wish Booklet, Vol. XXIV Fashions In Trim, by Susan Sirkis

30 pages, paperback.  Susan is a nationally recognized doll maker, and miniaturist. This volume of her ever popular Wish Booklet Series contains dozens of techniques for  embellishment using ribbon, lace, beading,  embroidery, and so much more, all with the miniature doll maker in mind.  A real treasure.  ISBN 0-913786-24-1.  Available at The Dollmaker's Workshop.  (see below under supplies for website link)


The Artful Ribbon, by Candace Kling

Ok, if I had to pick the most beautiful book of the lot, this one wins hands down.  144 pages of the most luscious color photographs of antique ribbon work, and step by step instructions to reproduce most of the techniques shown.  Author uses new materials and vintage techniques to make elegant roses, pansies, fuchsias, etc.  all in larger scale, but many of these wonderful techniques can be adapted.  Find a cozy chair and plan to spend a couple of hours drooling over this one!!!! ISBN 1-57120-020-7  Recently published and available at most online book vendors, but pricey too, so I hunted mine up on ebay!!!


Books on Hat Collecting and Fashion References

Vintage Hats & Bonnets , by Susan Langley

405 pages, hardbound.  Published as a complete reference and price guide for hat collectors, this book contains thousands of color and black and white photographs of antique hats from private collections and auction, and beautifully reproduced fashion plates from various turn of the century fashion magazines.  A wonderful resource for research and inspiration.  One of my favorite features is the wonderful collection of original photographs of antique hats worn by their owners!!!  ISBN 1-57432-028-9  Available at Barnes & Nobel online, $24.95


Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories, by Carol Belanger Grafton

123 pages, paperback.  A pictorial archive of 2,020 illustrations from 1850 to 1940.  Black and white line illustrations and wood cuttings of nothing but hats, purses, shoes  and other fashion accessories.  These meticulously rendered illustrations have been taken from Harper's Bazaar, London Illustrated News, La Mode Ilustree, the Delineator, and Life, as well as fashion catalogs from Jordan, marsh & company and other merchants.  All copyright free images, so if you can use them for a variety of other projects too!  ISBN 0-486-40103-0

La Mode Illustree, edited by Florence Leniston

52 pages, paperback.  52 pages of beautifully rendered hand colored fashion plates from La Mode Illustree, the most popular French fashion periodical in the 2nd half of the 19th century.  Each page features two female figures modeling the style of the day, and nearly all of course wear the appropriate hat to compliment their ensemble. Additionally, some pages feature only hat styles.  Lovely. 

ISBN 0-486-29819-1  Available at The Dollmaker's Workshop.  (see below under supplies for website link)


Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from la Mode Illustree, edited by Joanne Ollan

212 pages, paperback.  over 1000 black and white illustrations originally published in la Mode Illustree, 1860 to 1914.  Fabulously detailed illustrations, and many pages featuring the millinery styles of the day.  Wonderful resource for dressmaking as well as hat making.  ISBN 0-486-29711-X  Available at The Dollmaker's Workshop.  (see below under supplies for website link)



Internet Reference Resources

Rather than try to describe what is available at each of these sites, I am just going to give you the name, and link, and let you explore on your own.  The first one alone could take you months to explore, but I promise that they are all worth the trip!!!!  Enjoy!

The Costumer's Manifesto Hat Resources Page




The Costume Gallery



Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery



Vintage Hats 4 Sale at Cheap Frills



Fine Vintage Shopping 1860-1960



Antique Photographs of 19th & Early 20th Century Hats & Bonnets




This is one of my favorite resources to research just about anything is ebay. Most listings have wonderful photos, and good descriptions.  To find antique hats, use the link below:

Collectibles:Vintage Clothing, Accessories:Accessories (Pre-1980):Hats:Women


Shopping Resources for Miniature Hat making Supplies


The Dollmaker's Workshop

Nearly everything used in my tutorial is available from michelle Mahler at the dollmaker's workshop.  Michelle stocks a wonderful array of silk fabrics and ribbons, French cotton laces, imported trims and braids, bunka trim, no hole beads in every color imaginable, mini pleaters in three sizes, the mini iron by Clover, and many of the books listed above.  Her site has an easy to use shopping cart program, and her goods are always packaged and shipped with the utmost care. http://www.minidolls.com


Cam Creations

This online store carries a vast array of silk ribbons in all sizes and colors, including variegated and ombre colors, and edge dyed, French wire edge ribbons.  Also crinoline, and many ribbon technique and embroidery books. https://silkribbon.com/


And yes, I know that you all want to know where I get my feathers.  Well, since I live in a small town, with virtually no shopping, I rely on my computer to do my shopping for me, and have learned that the first place to look for anything is on ebay!!!  The vendors change, as does the selection, and the prices, but if you are diligent, willing to do the footwork, and be patient, you can find most anything you need.  For small feathers, look in the fly-tying supplies.  I also find great bargains there on antique laces and trims, and occasionally fabrics, but use care when purchasing these items to make sure that the condition is well described, and the number one rule, is ASK BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!



Well, this concludes my final lesson in miniature hat making.  I hope that you have found the information both useful and fun.  I would appreciate hearing your comments on the tutorial so that I can make necessary improvements and changes in upcoming tutorials.   I would love to see some of your creations, so email me a picture or two.   Please take a moment to sign my guest book.  Thanks for visiting, and happy hat making.  

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