This beautiful doll was sculpted by artist Anthony Bulone. This mold is no longer available, but this pattern can easily be adapted to fit other 1/12 scale dolls.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to costume your Scarlett doll in a replica of the muslin barbeque dress that Scarlett wore in the early part of the movie.  The dress features a very full skirt, supported by a ruffled petticoat.  The fitted bodice is trimmed with self fabric ruffles edged with delicate eyelet trim and ribbon beading.  In the movie, Scarlett wears her mothers coral necklace and earrings.

Most of the pieces used in this costume are simple rectangles, and the dimensions to cut those pieces are given in the instructions.  However, the pattern pieces for the pantaloons, bodice front and back, and the belt can be downloaded here.  You will need winzip to unzip this file.

This is an easy project, and was designed to be used with fabric created by using my printed fabric tutorial.  You may also use purchased fabric.  For instructions and artwork to print your own mini floral fabric for Scarlett's gown, use this link:


Pantaloons - 

Glue a piece of 3/8" wide lace to the bottom edge of each pantaloons piece.



Glue pantaloons pieces right sides together and center front and center back edges.


Right sides together, glue crotch seam of pantaloons.
Glued pantaloons.


Turn pantaloons to right sides, and run two rows of gathering stitches across waistline edges. 

Place pantaloons on doll, and pull up gathering threads tightly.  Place top edge of pantaloons just below waistline.  Tie off threads.  Run a small bead  of glue under the raw edges of pantaloons and press bulk into porcelain to reduce bulk and secure pantaloons.

Cut petticoat piece 4" x 16". Turn under and glue narrow hem on bottom edge of petticoat.

Cut 5 pieces of 1" wide lace, each measuring 24"  in length.  

Gather top of one piece of lace, and glue across petticoat, with bottom edges even.

Do not glue ends of lace, but leave last 1/2" on either end of lace piece unglued.

Repeat gathering and gluing lace across petticoat, overlapping lace pieces approximately 1/4".  Top row of lace should be 1/2" below top edge of petticoat.  Both ends of each piece of lace should still be unglued.


Keeping ends of lace out of the way, glue center back edges of petticoat right sides together.


One row at a time, on right side of petticoat, glue down one end of lace, then fold under other end, and glue over first end.  This neatly finishes each row of lace without catching in center back seam.  When finished, center back area should be almost invisible.

Sew two rows of gathering stitches across top edge of petticoat.  Place on doll, and pull up gathering threads.  Work gathers around waist evenly.  Top edge of petticoat should be just below waist.  Tie off threads, and secure with glue.  Run a bead of glue under raw top edges of petticoat to secure gathers and reduce bulk.



Great job!!  Time to move on to the dress. See you on page two!

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